Pilot clean-up of the National Park was completed


Around 4,000 m3 of garbage and construction waste were removed from the Gallikos riverbed and other spots of the Axios Delta protected area in the framework of a pilot program that took place during October 2015.

The aim of the project was to improve the condition of the natural ecosystems. “We call it a pilot program because it is the first time that waist is being removed as a measure of management for the improvement of protected areas of the National Park. Furthermore, the Axios Delta Management Authority is the first Management Authority in Greece to carry out such a project, taking advantage of funding by the European Union”, says agriculturist Vasilis Giamouzis. The project was financed with 120.000 euros with funding from the National Strategic Reference Framework 2007-2013.

The Delta Axios protected area receives heavy pressures by human activities, such as waste dumping, owing to its proximity to the urban center of the neighboring Thessaloniki and the second biggest industrial zone of Greece.

“The uncontrolled waste dumping is one of the most important factors of degradation of the area. It leads to its depreciation by the local communities and to an increase of illegal activities”, says prof. Themistoklis Kouimtzis, president of the Management Authority.

Apart from the Gallikos riverbed, which was the main area of the project, waist and trash were removed from the southern gate of the Gallikos River Environmental Park, the Kalochori Lagoon and the riverine forest of the Axios river.

καθαρισμός κοίτη Γαλλικού_2

Works under way

καθαρισμός Λιμνοθάλασσα Καλοχωρίου

Clean up in the Kalochori Lagoon

καθαρισμός κοίτη Γαλλικού

The Gallikos riverbed after the completion of the works