6 new bird species nested in the area in 2015!


Little egrets in the mixed bird colony of the Axios Delta Agorastos Papatsanis

The reproductive period of 2015 surprised us with extremely good news, since the scientists of the Management Authority of the Axios Delta National park noted six new species nesting in the protected area, while the number of the nests in the mixed bird colony of Axios Delta was tripled from 860 to 2.826!

More specifically, for the first time in Greece the ornithologists recorded nests and youngs of a white-winged tern and a Caspian tern. Furthermore, for the first time for the area the scientists recorded the breeding of the black tern, while the breeding of the whiskered tern, had been previously recorded in the area in the 80’s. Two more birds from the family of the herons were recorded breeding in the area, the great egret and the cattle egret, previously seen in the area in the 80’s and  the 90’s respectively.