“Journey to Axios”: an invitation to an interactive tour of the Axios river


The “Journey to Axios” is an interactive web documentary on the protected area of the Axios river in Macedonia, Greece. It offers the web user a “ticket” for a tour of the beauties of the river, along unknown or even hidden places of its rich ecosystem.

This is one of the first web documentaries that have ever been produced in Greece. Combining images, video, audio, text and hyperlinks, it aims to introduce the audience to an area of high importance for biodiversity and also touch their reflexes for the need of protection of the area.

According to the scenario, the user takes up the role of a freelance journalist and sets on to explore the area in order to discover interesting topics. The scenario is imaginary but all the information and the people presented in the project are real.

Get your… ticket for a “Journey to Axios” in the web address: www.taxidistonaxio.gr!