Two rare little bustards were seen in Alyki Kitrous


Two rare little bustards Tetrax tetrax were seen by birdwatchers in mid January in the area of Alyki Kitrous.The species used to nest in Macedonia and Thrace, in fields of cereals and clover, but it was delocated due to intensive agrigulture and hunting, so, nowdays, it can only be seen sporadically during migration or in winter time.

In Greece, it is is considered “critically endagered”, while in European level, it is considered “vulnerable”. The central European population once breeding in the grassland of Hungary became extinct several decades ago.

The little bustard seeks spots with high vegetation, so it can hide in open plains. Like other bustards, the male little bustard has a flamboyant display with foot stamping and leaping in the air. It reproduces in southern Europe and in central and western Asia.

Little bustard in Alyki Kitrous Harris Kourouzidis

LIttle bustards in Alyki Kitrous Thomas Nikopoloulos

Little bustards in Alyki Kitrous Thomas Nikolopoulos