We celebrate World Wetlands Day on February the 2nd!


On 2nd of February we are celebrating the World Wetlands Day 2018. This years theme is “Wetlands for a sustainable urban future” aiming to raise awareness on the importance of protecting urban and suburbian wetlands, to ensure human welbeing.

Half of humanity, about 4 billion people, live in urban areas today. By 2050 that proportion will reacdh 66% as people move to cities in search of jobs and a vibrant social life. Cities account for around 80% of global economic output. As they expand and demand for land increases, the tendency is to encroach on wetlands, they are degraded, filled in and bulit upon. Yet, when left intact or restored, urban wetlands make cities liveable as they:

  • Reduce flooding
  • Replenish drinking water
  • Filter waste and improve water quality
  • Improve urban air quality
  • Promote human well-being
  • Enable people to earn a living

For more information on World Wetland Day 201 visit: www.worldwetlandsday.org

Celebration in the Axios Delta National Park

The Axios Delta Management Authority celebrates the World Wetlands Day with these events:

  • Presentation and conversation on the subject of the WWD with the students of two highschools in Thessaloniki. The students of the Graphic Design department of the Neapoli Professional School will be invited to produce a poster on the subject.
  • Exhibition with photos from the Kalochori wetland by the “Out of Focus” photo group, in co-operation with the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Delta. The exchibition will be inaugurated on the 2nd of February and will last until 12 of February 2018.