Thousands of birds gather in Alyki Kitrous lagoon ahead of migration


Kentish plover Thano Kastritis

Thousands of birds of different species gather in the Alyki Kitrous Lagoon these days ahead of the autumn migration. Among them, a very impressive flock of 400 Kentish plovers, large groups of herons and 70 spoonbills. The Thermaikos Gulf Protected Areas Management Authority personnel also counted, during monitoring, large numbers of ruffs, black-tailed godwits, little stints, avocets and sandpipers.

These birds congregate here from neighboring wetlands, forming groups in order to realize together their long migration trip to Africa. They will soon cede their positions to newcomers –ducks and birds of prey- coming from the north to overwinter.

Another group of winter visitors are the flamingos which breed in other Mediterranean colonies. The Mananagement Authority personnel counted 1.130 of them, most of them in their first year.