A rare shelduck in the Axios Delta Protected Area


A ruddy shelduck in the Axios Delta-November 2020 Manos Vatzolas

A ruddy shelduck showed up in the Axios Delta Protected Area in mid November, attracting the interest of birdwatchers and photographers. This is a rare species for Greece and even more rare for the Axios Delta area. The last times it was seen here was in 2014 (5 birds) and in 2017 (2 birds).
The most typical trait of this duck -which allows an easy recognition- is the impressive orange-brown-rusty color of its plumage, covering most of its body (neck, breast, back, belly, abdomen). In its color we can find the connection to the species scientific name (Tadorna  ferruginea), from the latin word ferrum (iron), meaning the one with the color of the rust.