The “Garbage strategy”

Due to its proximity to the city of Thessaloniki and its industrial zone, the Axios Delta protected area receives uncontrolled waste and garbage, and this is one of the main threats it faces. The accumulation of waste and garbage at various spots of the protected area influences very negatively the perception and appreciation of the area.

In this framework the Management Authority prioritized highly the implementation of the “Garbage Strategy” for the management of the garbage and waste problem using the method of the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation.  Using the Open Standards helped the Management Authority to: define the scope, set clear targets and rank the threats, and define strategies on the basis of expected results.

αποθέσεις απορριμάτων

Construction waste and trash in the protected area


  • Organization of workshops with local authorities.
  • Recording of all construction waste and garbage disposal spots in the protected area.
  • Planning and realization of pilot clean-up program in the A’ Zone of the National Park. Budget: 120.000 €.
  • Yearly cleanup campaigns (16 voluntery clean ups in 2011-2015).
  • Written complaints to the qualified public services in case of construction waste disposals.
  • Promotion of recycling through the environmental education programs.
  • Consultations in the framework of Environmental Impact Assessment approvals for uncontrolled garbage dumping sites restoration projects within the protected area
εθελοντικός καθαρισμος Κουφάλια_2015

Pic from the voluntary clean up in the riverine forest of Axios (2015)



  • Reduction of waste
  • Removal of 3.840 m3 of solid waste in four selected spots in the A’ Zone of the National Park)
  • Restoration of all Uncontrolled Dumping Sites
  • 800 volunteers participated in Volunteer Cleanups Campaign in 2011-2015
  • Improvement of the image of the Axios Delta National Park


Poster for the Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process Mediterranean Kick-off Seminar Thessaloniki, 26 -28 May 2014: “Lessons learned from the application of te Open Standards of Conservation in the Axios Loudias Aliakmonas National Park: The example of garbage strategy”.