National Park

The largest part of the protected area was declared a National Park in May 2009 by way of the JMD 12966/2009. The National Park of the Axios-Loudias-Aliakmon Delta is a terrestrial and water area, covering 33,800 hectares. It includes the deltas and estuaries of the four rivers, the Lagoon of Kalochori and the Alykes Kitrous, the wetland of Nea Agathoupoli and the bed of Axios, reaching up to the Elli dam.

Within the National Park are determined:

  1. a) as Absolute Nature Protectedregions, the estuaries of rivers, the terrestrial and sea sections of zones ΑP1, ΑP2, ΑP3 and ΑP This zone permits mainly activities related to the management and protection of the natural ecosystems, such as grazing as a means to manage habitats, as well as scientific research, visits with educational purposes and alternative tourism, following the permission of the Management Body.
  2. b) as Nature Protectedareas (river Deltas), the zones PD1, PD2, PD3 and PD4, the zone PA (Alykes Kitrous), zones Β1, Β2, Β3, Β4, Β5, Β6 (terrestrial parts) and Β Any permanent or occasionally emerging islet within the marine area of the PD Nature Protected regions falls under the Absolute Nature Protected AP status.

Zones PD and AP permit the activities permitted in the Absolute Nature Protected areas and some additional activities, like the collection of benthic organisms, the management of alluvial materials, mussel culture and salt production under conditions, so as not to have a serious negative impact  on the species and ecosystems of the National Park.

In zone B, permitted activities include even agriculture in legally existing cultivated areas, visits for educational training, grazing as means to manage habitats.

  1. c) asPeripheral Zonethe terrestrial area outside the cadastre and outside the settlements before 1923 and the settlements of under 2000 residents of the Municipalities of Echedoros, Chalastra, Ag. Athanasios, Chalkidona, Axios, Plateos, Aiginio, Methoni, Pydna and Korinos. More specifically, the ‘Peripheral Zone’ of the National Park is determined by the Agricultural zones C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 and C6, as well as the zone D of controlled residential development at Alykes Kitrous.

Zone C has and permits mostly agricultural activities such as farming in legally existing cultivable regions, the conservation of trenches and other water improving works, the installation of aviculture and cattle breeding units under conditions, aquaculture, residences, etc.

In zone D at Alykes Kitrous of limited residential development, are allowed agriculture, boatbuilding, residences and small hotels of up to 30 beds each, etc.