Nea Agathoupoli Birdwatching Tower

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The wetland of Nea Agathoupoli is an ideal destination to experience the great outdoors. This is a beautiful coastal wetland located to the south of the Aliakmonas delta hosting halophytic vegetation, tamarisks and extended reedbeds, which are home to important bird species.

Your excursion can begin from the birdwatching tower, operated by the Axios-Loudias-Aliakmonas Management Authority. From this tower, visitors can enjoy the impressive view of the Aliakmonas Delta and the Thermaic gulf, using a telescope and binoculars. Next to the observation tower is the starting point of a twenty-minute circular route around the wetland, giving visitors the chance to see the region’s aquatic life and wading birds at close quarters. Also, adults and children can ride the bikes, which are made available by the Management Authority, along the cycle trail linking the hide to the beach of Methoni.

Your visit can come to a close with some local gastronomy, at the seaside taverns of neighboring Methoni.

Υγρότοπος Νέας Αγαθούπολης Φωτό: Έφη Κλαπάνη

The wetland of Nea Agathoupoli Efi Klapani

A few words about the wetland

The purple heron, the glossy ibis, the shelduck, the Kentish plover and the Dalmatian pelican are some of the most important or indeed rare bird species that one can see in the area of Nea Agathoupoli. However, this wetland is known for the thousands of ducks it hosts during the winter, among which are common teals, common pochards, Eurasian wigeons, mallards, northern pintails, northern shovelers. Meanwhile, gadwalls and mallards stay here throughout the year, garganeys pass through while migrating and the rare ferruginous ducks appear during the summer months.

Among the raptors, the most common species is the western marsh-harrier and one of the most important species observed during wintertime is the greater spotted eagle, which is endangered on a European level. However, the incontestable star is the magnificent white-tailed sea eagle, which ventures from the delta of Aliakmonas to seek food. This is one of the few pairs of sea eagles living in Greece.

ξενάγηση Νέα Αγαθούπολ

Apart from the birds, the wetland and coastal zone are home to numerous spur-thighed tortoises, water snakes, green lizards and dragonflies.


Access: Nea Agathoupoli is approximately 50 km. from the city of Thessaloniki and 25 km from Katerini, and belongs within the administrative department of Pieria. From the Athens-Thessaloniki National Road, turn off at the Methoni junction and follow the signs to reach the observatory.

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Observation tower operating hours

Wednesday – Friday: 10:00- 14:00

+ 2 Saturdays/month

To find out plz email: e.papadragka at



  • Saturday 17th of September 2022
  • Saturday 24th of September 2022