Thousands of birds gather in Alyki Kitrous lagoon ahead of migration


Thousands of birds of different species gather in the Alyki Kitrous Lagoon these days ahead of the autumn migration. Among them, a very impressive flock of 400 Kentish plovers, large groups of herons and 70 spoonbills. The Thermaikos Gulf Protected Areas Management Authority personnel also counted, during monitoring, large numbers of ruffs, black-tailed godwits, little […]


Birdfair 2019: We were there!


After an absence of two years, the Thermaikos Gulf Management Authority took part this year in the British birdwatching fair, the Birdfair, that took place in Rutland from 21-23 of August. Tens of thousands of birdwatchers visit the Fair every year to learn about the latest news concerning their hobby, including ideal destinations and national […]


World Wetlands Day 2019: We are not powerless against cimate change


The 2nd of February is a special day for the world’s wetland since we celebrate the signing of the Ramsar Convention for the protection of the wetlands. This year the theme of the Words Wetland Day is “We are not powerless against climate change – Wetlands help us cope”! “Wetlands hep us prepare for, cope […]


We celebrate World Wetlands Day on February the 2nd!


On 2nd of February we are celebrating the World Wetlands Day 2018. This years theme is “Wetlands for a sustainable urban future” aiming to raise awareness on the importance of protecting urban and suburbian wetlands, to ensure human welbeing. Half of humanity, about 4 billion people, live in urban areas today. By 2050 that proportion […]


Two rare little bustards were seen in Alyki Kitrous


Two rare little bustards Tetrax tetrax were seen by birdwatchers in mid January in the area of Alyki Kitrous.The species used to nest in Macedonia and Thrace, in fields of cereals and clover, but it was delocated due to intensive agrigulture and hunting, so, nowdays, it can only be seen sporadically during migration or in […]


Dragons and cobras dwelled the Axios area during the late Miocene


Paleontologists announced recently that they discovered fossils of lizards and snakes from the late Miocene at the ravin de la Pluie, a locality near the Axios river widely known for its hominoid primate Ouranopithecus macedoniensis discovered 20 years ago. Among these finds, it is the cobra and varanid bones that rank higher in importance. The […]


The Axios Delta Management Authority in Eurosite’s Annual General Meeting


From 25 to 27 September 2017 the Axios-Loudias-Aliakmonas Management Authority participated in the Annual General Meeting of Eurosite – the European Network of natural site managers- which was held in Espoo (Finland) back to back with a thematic seminar on “Improving natural sites – join forces and prioritise your conservation actions”. The Management Authority has […]


More than 3,300 gulls and terns were counted in Axios Delta in summer 2017


More than 2,000 breeding Black-headed and Slender-billed Gulls and 1,300 Common, Sandwich and Gull-billed Terns were counted in 2017 by the staff of the Axios Delta Management Agency, in the framework of the monitoring program. The sand beaches at the estuaries of the protected area rivers are particularly important for nesting, and they host the […]


The Axios Delta Management Authority was in Birdfair 2017


The Axios-Loudias-Aliakmonas Management Authority participated in the British birdwatching fair “Birdfair” which took place from 18 to 20 of August 2017 in Engleton, Rutland. The Management Authority was there, together with other National Parks of Northern Greece, to inform the visitors of the fair about the possibilities to locate special bird species in the Axios […]