We joined the Global Coalition #United for Biodiversity


The Thermaikos Gulf Protected Areas Management Authority and its Axios Delta National Park become the first institutions from Greece and first park worldwide to join Global Coalition #UnitedforBiodiversity. Launched by EU Commissioner for Environment Virginijus Sinkevicius on the occasion of the World Wildlife Day 2020, the Coalition calls for strong mobilization of all national research […]


A rare shelduck in the Axios Delta Protected Area


A ruddy shelduck showed up in the Axios Delta Protected Area in mid November, attracting the interest of birdwatchers and photographers. This is a rare species for Greece and even more rare for the Axios Delta area. The last times it was seen here was in 2014 (5 birds) and in 2017 (2 birds). The […]


Axios Delta colony: pygmy cormorant nests almost doubled


This year’s nesting bird counts in the Axios Delta colony brought us good news concerning the pygmy cormorant, an SPA trigger species for the Axios Delta protected area: the nests of the species almost doubled from 184 last year to 308! In contrast to its close “relative”, the common cormorant, which thrives in Greek wetlands, […]


The Pinna nobilis was added to the critically endagered species


  One of the biggest bivalve molluscs in the Mediterranean Sea, Pinna nobilis, is in now in danger of extinction, and for that reason, on January the 15th, 2020, it was recently listed as «Critically Endangered» on the Red List of Threatened Species of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Pinna nobilis […]


30 cranes and 10 Tundra swans were the protagontists of 2020 Midwinter Birdcounts


Thirty cranes and ten Tundra swans were the protagonists of this year’s Midwinter Bird Counts that took place on Sunday 12th of January in the Axios Delta Protected Area. Three groups of volunteers and Management Authority personnel spread along the Axios, Aliakmonas, Loudias, Kalochori and Alyki Kitrous wetlands to screenshot the bird numbers and species […]


A group of rare cranes at the Aliakmonas Delta!


A group of 50 rare cranes visited the Aliakmonas Delta these days, offering impressive images to the birdwatchers and wild life photographers of the area. Cranes nest in Northern European countries but they overwinter usually in France or Spain. They pass over Greece during migration, mainly over the Aegean Sea, Eastern and Norteastern Greece. Last […]


Thousands of birds gather in Alyki Kitrous lagoon ahead of migration


Thousands of birds of different species gather in the Alyki Kitrous Lagoon these days ahead of the autumn migration. Among them, a very impressive flock of 400 Kentish plovers, large groups of herons and 70 spoonbills. The Thermaikos Gulf Protected Areas Management Authority personnel also counted, during monitoring, large numbers of ruffs, black-tailed godwits, little […]


Birdfair 2019: We were there!


After an absence of two years, the Thermaikos Gulf Management Authority took part this year in the British birdwatching fair, the Birdfair, that took place in Rutland from 21-23 of August. Tens of thousands of birdwatchers visit the Fair every year to learn about the latest news concerning their hobby, including ideal destinations and national […]


World Wetlands Day 2019: We are not powerless against cimate change


The 2nd of February is a special day for the world’s wetland since we celebrate the signing of the Ramsar Convention for the protection of the wetlands. This year the theme of the Words Wetland Day is “We are not powerless against climate change – Wetlands help us cope”! “Wetlands hep us prepare for, cope […]