International working meeting for the Dalmatian pelican


The Axios Delta Management Authority participated in the international working meeting that took place in Kerkini, Serres, at the end of November, aiming at the revision of the Action Plan for the Dalmatian pelican. The species is considered threatened in a global level. Thirty scientists and representatives of different organizations from 12 countries participated in […]


A spotted crake in Aliakmonas


A beautiful, rare for Greece, spotted crake was located in mid October in the area of the Aliakmonas river. The spotted crake reproduces in Siberia and other places in Northern Europe and migrates to Africa to overwinter.


Thousands of ducks are arriving in the Axios Delta National Park


Thousands of ducks are arriving these days in the Axios Delta National Park from the Northern countries to overwinter. Many of them will end up in the Nea Agathoupoli wetland, a favourite place for mallards, ferruginus ducks, teals, shelducks, pochards and other duck species.


The white-tailed sea eagles of the Aliakmonas Delta at the Eurobirdwatch Day 2016

The two impressive and rare white-tailed sea eagles nesting at the Aliakmonas Delta accompanied us during the celebration of the Eurobirdwatch on the 2nd of October, at the Observation Tower of Nea Agathoupoli. The pair –one of the few of the species nesting in Greece- flew over the wetland in seek of food, offering thus […]


We were there, at the Birdfair 2016!


The Axios-Loudias-Aliakmonas Management Authority participated in the British Birdwatching Fair “Birdfair” which took place from19 to 21 of August in Engleton, Rutland. More than 35.000 people visited the Birdfair this year and many approached our stand to receive information concerning the Axios Delta wetland ecosystem. Many of them expressed their interest to organize a trip […]


Wooden nests for European rollers and common kestrels


Nine wooden nests were constructed and placed in appropriate spots in the beginning of spring by the Axios Delta Management Authority to help European rollers and common kestrels breed in the area of the Axios Delta National Park. Both species are currently rarely seen in the Axios Delta National Park, as they face difficulties to […]


Clean-ups for 3 National Park coastal areas


The 6th Clean-up campaign in the Axios Delta National Park took place successfully during April 2016. Volunteers from Thessaloniki and from the area of the National Park helped to give a “new look” to three coastal parts suffering from plastic pollution coming mainly from the sea. Hundreds of big bags full of trash were taken […]


We are celebrating the Word Wetlands Day

World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year on 2nd February to raise awareness about the valued of wetlands for humanity and the planet. Each year a theme is selected to focus attention on a viatl function of wetlands. The theme for 2016, under the banner “Wetlands for our Future” is Sustainable Livelihoods and is selected […]


The rare eastern imperial eagle in the Aliakmonas Delta

A rare eastern imperial eagle chose the delta of the Aliakmonas river to overwinter this year, attracting the attention of birdwatchers who arrive in the area in order to watch and take pictures of the impressive bird of prey. The eastern imperial eagle used to be in the past a rather rife species in Greece, […]