A parade of… rarities in the Axios Delta coastal area

Low temperatures don’t affect just people, they also affect animals, so the last few weeks many birds from Northern Europe have looked for a refuge in the Axios Delta Protected Area. As a result, birdwatchers recorded in the beginning of December quite a few unusual birds along the coastal area streching from the Gallikos river […]


We are celebrating the Word Wetlands Day

World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year on 2nd February to raise awareness about the valued of wetlands for humanity and the planet. Each year a theme is selected to focus attention on a viatl function of wetlands. The theme for 2016, under the banner “Wetlands for our Future” is Sustainable Livelihoods and is selected […]


The rare eastern imperial eagle in the Aliakmonas Delta

A rare eastern imperial eagle chose the delta of the Aliakmonas river to overwinter this year, attracting the attention of birdwatchers who arrive in the area in order to watch and take pictures of the impressive bird of prey. The eastern imperial eagle used to be in the past a rather rife species in Greece, […]