Information and awareness

The Axios Delta Management Authority organizes every year a number of actions and events aiming to raise public awareness on the importance of the Axios Delta protected area and its benefits to the people. It is a common perception nowadays that the involvement of the people and –most importantly- of the users of the protected areas is essential for their effective management and protection.

ξενάγηση Αγαθούπολη_2

In this framework the Information Department of the Management Authority elaborated and implements a Communicating Plan aiming basically at the:

  • Awareness and sensitization of the general public on the value of the protected area
  • Communication with the local inhabitants/users of the area in the framework of participatory management
  • Awareness and sensitization of pupils and students
  • Promotion of eco-touristic activities in the area
  • Promotion of the work of the Management Authority and the acceptance of its role among the users and the public services

In order to serve these aims the Management Authority operates information structures for visitors, such as the Axios Delta Information Centre and the Nea Agathoupoli Birdwatching Tower. It caters for the creation of print, digital or audiovisual information material, the signage of the area, takes part in events giving talks or presentations and also organizes its own events, approximately 12 events yearly. One or our most important actions is the Clean up Campaign, taking place each spring, engaging some hundreds of volunteers every year. Meetings with the local are also an important part of our communication efforts.

As far as environmental education is concerned, the Management Authority receives each year around 2.500 pupils or students, as well as groups, associations or environmental organization who wish to get to know the area. Every year the Management Authority takes part in promotion fair, and most specifically the Thessaloniki Tourism Exhibition Philoxenia and the British birdwatching exhibition Birdfair.