Useful information

καλαμώνες Λουδία

The reedbed near the Loudias river mouth Lia Papadranga

Getting around

Due to the long distances, browsing in the National Park requires a vehicle, while access with public transportation is only possible in the protected areas near Kalohori and Nea Agathoupoli. For Kalochori you can take city bus no 40 from behind the train station of Thessaloniki. For Nea Agathoupoli there are buses from the bus terminal in Thessaloniki (tel.2310-595428) and from the city of Katerini (tel. +30 23510 46720).

Some parts of the road network are paved, while the biggest part of the suggested routes run through unpaved roads, which are marked respectively on the maps. The road condition varies during the year, depending on the weather conditions, and for this reason -especially in winter- we suggest you first check if access is possible by calling the Management Authority (+30 2310 794 811). In all cases avoid entering with your vehicle in wetland areas because this is prohibited, but also because you take the risk of getting trapped in the mud!

In any case, do not forget to park your vehicle and follow one of the suggested walking routes. It is not possible to experience the magic of nature, staying in your car.

All routes suggested in this website are also appropriate for cycling. However, you should keep in mind that there might be stray dogs on the way or sheep dogs in the vicinity of livestock farms. One more thing: a bicycle may scare and disturb the birds more than a car. Avoid cycling on the coastal embankment and on the road to Axios light house during the breeding season (late April to June).

ποδηλαδία πάρκο Καλοχωρίου

There are no accommodation facilities within the National Park. Visitors may choose to stay in hotels in nearby cities (Thessaloniki, Veria, Katerini, Sindos) or hotels, rent rooms and campgrounds on the seafront of Pieria (villages of Methoni, Makrigialos, Korinos, Paralia Katerinis).

Local gastronomy

The sea and the rivers provide the “raw materials” for the local cuisine, offering unique dishes such as sole fish with onions in the oven, cuttlefish stew, mussels with rice, fried crabs or eel. The taverns of the villages near the National Park (Kalohori, Halastra, Kimina, Nea Malgara, Methoni, Makrygialos) are known for their seafood and attract lovers of good food.

In summertime temperatures may go really high. Most areas of the wetland areas not shaded by trees, so make sure that you are well equipped to protect yourself from the sun and the heat: hats, long sleeves, sunscreen, drinking water. In wintertime, the cold northern wind known as Vardaris blows quite often. Dress accordingly!


  • Thermaikos Gulf Protected Areas Management Authority: +30 2310 794811
  • Health Center of Chalastra: +30 2310 793222
  • Police: 100