Suggested routes

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The Axios Delta protected area, in short distance from the urban centers of Thessaloniki, Veria and Katerini, offers ideal opportunities for walks in the nature, birdwatching, photography. All the seasons of the year offer something special: in wintertime one can watch impressive congregations of waterfowl as well as birds of prey in the wetland of Nea Agathoupoli; sping comes with the chirping and singing of the birds and the blooming of nature in the riverine forests; in summertime visitors can enjoy walks near the sea coast whereas in autumn they can watch large flocks of waders in the Kalochori and Alyki Kitrous Lagoons.

Follow one of the suggested routes and discover the beauty of our natural area! You can start your trip from the offices of the Management Authority in Chalastra, from where you can get “equipped” with brochures and maps (operating hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 16:00)

Suggested routes:

The Blue Route: Kalohori Lagοon – Gallikos river estuary – Axios Delta

The Yellow Route: Chalastra – Mussel farmers huts – Observation tower – Danio channel

The Red route: Nea Malgara – West embankemt of Axios – Loudias estuary

The Purple Route)West estuary of Loudias – Almiravlakas 

The Green Route: Nea Agathoupoli observation tower – Alyki Kitrous Lagoon – Korinos 

The Brown Route: Anatoliko – The “meadow of the souslik” – Riverine forest of Anatoliko 

The Orange Route: Elli’s Dam-  Riverine forest of Axios

You can download ecotourism map with suggested routes here.